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We are visiting a Stud Farm, not only specialized on horse breeding, but teaching and promoting the practice of this worldwide, millenarium art but, in this case, Traditional Portuguese Equestrian Art, for it is specialized on the most pure of portuguese  breeds, The Lusitano Horse.

We will be shown all three stages  of this work process on teaching the horses,  from a young stage, until more advanced exercises of this skilled and beautifull Equestrian Art, and for the most adventurous, there might possibility of doing a Lusitano Horse riding baptism, depending on the oppinion of the activity responsables.

We will be recieved on the good traditional Ribatejo's ways, with home made liquors and local pastry tasting.


Handling  the brave bull has its first registers from the XII century. 

It has always had a strong expression in Portugal's culture, related to the Bull Fights, and the execution of the traditional costumes for the participants.

The Brave Bull is still today Ribatejo's most iconic figure, and we would like to take you straight through tle live-cattle farms, in a full adventurous experience by tractor, where you'll be able to see this robust animals in natural enviroment, on the vast Oak Cork fields.



To all our experiences we are taking you to taste the best local products and executors. We choose not only traditon but exellence and garantee your full satisfaction.

You will taste the best of Ribatejo's flavours, from the olive oil to the meat, vegetables and fruit choises, using the most refined techniques into an authentic and delicious food that promisses to take you  deep in our most essencial roots.


Santarem represents one of the most iconic cities of Portugal due to its historical relevance towards the afirmation of Portugal as a country and its limit grounds.

It was the first country in the world to unifie the values of culture, identity and territory into the specification of Nacional State. This amazing task would not have occured, had it not been for the first auto-proclamed King of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques.

This carismatic figure used of the most intriging strategy, to proclamme the former  limit bounderies back and call it has we do today, Portugal.

It had been ocuppied for 500 years by the moores and  the spanish...

This historical event was of the most estrategic importance in what concerned fullfiling D. Afonso Henriques most important goal, to regain Lisbon. This would make the final statement.

Had he not been has sucssessful in Santarem, the history of Portugal, has known, might not had the same limit grounds, for Santarem was one of the most dificculed castels to obtain control of, because it's position, on a very high hill.

This medieval Era left us with an amazing nacional historical patrimony, that still misteriously lies on every Scalabis stone.

We are taking you to one of the most precious treasures of Portugal, the natural reserve of Tagus River, most preciselly, to Escaroupim, home of the almost extinguished fisherman comunity, the Avieiros, considered Nacional Patrimony in terms of history cultural relevance. By the riverside, we can see still standing their palafitic, beautifull, villages and colourfull, detailed, charming houses, as some still today preserve the art of fishing very much alive. You'll be able to see wild horses in their yet natural enviroment, where they're kept for about two to three years, before trainning; exotic birds, as the Boieira-Heron, or the Black-kite, or the White-Stork, among many other amazing species.

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Campino, is a typical character of the region of Ribatejo that is connected to the conduction of cattle, especially the bulls.

He dresses in a very characteristic way with his green cap with border and bar in red, white shirt, red vest, a red band that he uses at the waist, blue trousers, white socks until the knee, black shoe with spurs, a jacket which he places on his left shoulder and lastly his staff (pampillo) that he uses to drive the cattle.

Pure-Blood Lusitano Horse is a breed of horses originated in Portugal. It is the oldest saddle horse in the world, being assembled approximately over five thousand years ago. The Lusitanian Horse presents natural aptitude for high school (Haute École) and high-altitude exercises as it puts the hind limbs underneath the dough with great ease. Thus, Lusitano reveals itself not only in classical bullfighting and riding, but also in federated equestrian disciplines such as dressage, obstacles, coupling and, in particular, work riding, standing on the same level as the best experts in the sport.


During Coruche's International Balloon Festival we programmed  you an experience that involves diverse visits to the most iconic spots of Coruche, one of Ribatejo's most beautiful counties.
This experience will not only offer you a clear picture of Ribatejo's culture, the Wine, Food, Oak Cork Fields, Museums, Churches, the local Gastronomy and Craft-Work Festival, that takes place at the same time, but also provides you with the emotional experience of combining amazing landscapes with the one time oportunity of watching the rising of the several Hot Air Balloons.
All this in a 24H00 experience, fully organized, with all  included, except Hotel and one of the meals, in which clients are to choose their favorite typical recipes at the Coruche's Gastronomy Festival, taking place at the same time as the Balloon International Festival.
Our clients will have disposable special protocols with Hotel Units and can choose a wide range of amazing sleeping solutions.


Taste Ribatejo's delicious traditional recipes and local pastry at the

Coruche's Gastronomy Festival.

Get involved in this unique environment, aromas and social experience.



On this weekend you will have a once in a year  opportunity to meet Coruche, a beautiful Ribatejo's County, in a unique way, where natural landscapes of Coruche blend with this amazing experience of the rising of the Hot Air Ballons.

​In Coruche, there is a huge variety of cultural heritage which can be seen its museums , such as the Municipal Museum, which represents Ribatejo's culture and history, its Churches,  the Cork Observatory Building, completely decorated with cork, representative of the great role  this region has on the Cork international industry.